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1901-B East Chambers
Booneville, Mississippi 38829

Administrative Office Hours:
M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

Sheriff Randy M. Tolar has led the Prentiss County Sheriff's Office since January of 2000 and focuses on a team effort.

Sheriff Tolar is an active member of the Mississippi Sheriff's Association and was appointed by its membership to the MLCOA (Mississippi Leadership Council on Aging) that governs the TRIAD senior citizens programs across the State, holding the position of Vice Chairman.

He is also a member of the National Sheriff's Association and the Southeast Chapter of the National Auto Theft Investigators Association

Sheriff's Tolar has also been elected to and currently serves on the Control Board of the North Mississippi Narcotics Unit.

One of the vital roles with the Sheriff's Office is our Deputy Administrative Assistant Linda Fisher.  Linda retired but came back in a part time capacity. Linda is one of three employees that have been employed with the Sheriff's Office since Jan. 2000.

Linda has the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the office, handling purchasing, billing, assisting the Sheriff in scheduling of programs and events and many other administrative responsibilities.


     Prentiss County was formed on April 15th, 1870, after a much larger Tishomingo County was divided into three smaller Counties, Alcorn, Prentiss and Tishomingo Counties.  The Board of Supervisors met and appointed Henry C Fields Temporary Sheriff, who served until, and election was held.  The following is a list of all the elected Sheriffs from 1870 thru the present:

The first Sheriffs were elected to serve two-year terms.

1870-1872 L.W. Redus

1872-1874   R.K. Byrn

1874-1876   J.M. Walker

1876-1878   J.M. Walker

1878-1880   J.C. Bridges (died)

                       Robert Davenport was elected and served the remaining portion of the term.

1880-1882   Robert Davenport

1882-1884   P.M. Walker

1884-1886   P.M. Walker

1886-1888   W.W. Cunningham

1888-1890   A.J. Dalton

1890-1892   W.W. Cunningham

1892-1896   J.C. Carter                              

1896-1900   W.W, Cunningham

1900-1904   J.C. Whitley

1904-1908   J.C. Long

1908-1912   W.W. Cunningham

1912-1916   J.D. Googe

1916-1920   J.E. Carter

1920-1924   S.F. Windham

Sheriff S.F. Windham.jpg

1924-1928   N.J. Sartin


1928-1932   Lee M. Womack

1932-1936   A.S. Green

1936-1940   S.F.Windham (died Jan. 1939)

                       Hower Windham finished out the term

1940-1944   Marion R Woodruff

1944-1948   J.R. Thomas

1948-1952   Sale Martin

1952-1956   Ben Holley


     The first photo is of a whiskey bust (Sheriff Rutherford is at far left) and the righthand photo is (L-R) is James Ray and Sheriff Rutherford holding daugther Elaine,(December 1958)

The Photo's of Sheriff George Rutherford Jr and his wife Mrs. Faye Rutherford were submitted by their daugther Elaine Rutherford Breedlove.  Ms Breedlove also included a letter with the following content on a humorous note:


     My older sister is going to send you a picture and story about her pony getting drunk off mash that was left in a still that was at the jail.  We lived at the jail and my Mother cooked for the prisoners.  I was the youngest and when I played outside I was put on a harness and chained to the clothes line, so I would not get into traffic.  I had just enough chain to go up to the window of the Courthouse where Shirley Morgan worked and I would try to get her to bring me candy and to come out and play with me.  I was only 3 but I do remember the Harness.  I guess in today's world that would be considered child abuse, but it was actually to keep me safe and away from cars since we lived on the Court Square.


Elaine Rutherford Breedlove

1956-1960   George Rutherford Jr (died 1959)


                       His Wife Mrs. Faye Rutherford finished out the term


1960-1964   Roy Elder (Big Iron)

1964-1968   Gerald Green


 1968-1972   Mendel Wachsman


1972-1976   Roy Elder (Big Iron)

1976-1980   Ralph Martin

1980-1984   John McCauley   (Retired State Trooper)

1984-1988   W.V. Horn

1988-1992   Wallace Davis  (Retired State Trooper)

1992-1996   Ferrell Brumley


1996-2000   Bud Michael

2000-2004   Randy M. Tolar

2004-2008   Randy M. Tolar

 2008-2012   Randy M. Tolar




 2020 Swearing in.JPG


Additional Information
Administrative Assistant Linda Fisher

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